Bringing hope and freedom to at-risk children in Latin American Cartel Countries through community soccer camps.


Watch the video below to learn how Soccer is more than just a game to at-risk children in Latin American Cartel Countries.


How Soccer is Impacting the Lives of Children in Latin America's Cartel Country


It's simple to put your passion for "the beautiful game" into action to help children in Latin America's Cartel country:



Your support is vital to our continued work and goes directly toward furthering our rescue mission. Each donation helps create permanent, peaceful change in communities around the World. 



We've partnered with to create Saved by Soccer t-shirts! All proceeds from shirt sales will help rescue children from lives of forced violence.  



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Our Mission

Most people see soccer as passion-filled game that brings joy to fans around the world. But in Latin America, it's doing more than that. It's helping rescue children being stripped of their childhood and forced into working for dangerous drug cartels.

Our mission is to end the cycle of forced child violence. We believe every child should have the freedom to be a kid, and with your support, we can help more children regain that freedom -- and their childhood -- through programs like community soccer camps.


"Soccer became my refuge, a way to know there was a different world from the one I looked at every day outside my house.

In soccer there were no drugs, no violent fights. It was a way out."

- Adolfo, Program Participant


About Project AK-47

Project AK-47 saves children from lives of forced violence by thinking differently about the problem, going beyond extraction to empowerment. We don’t want to just rescue children from this terrible cultural crime, we want to prevent them from being conscripted in the first place.

Project AK-47 provides opportunities for these children to become agents of change, equipping them with the education and safe environment they need to thrive.